Motor DC Sony MNF-3700A Tachometer Assembly PC Board Ball Bearing Precision

This is a well made, precision Sony MNF-3700A, dual ball bearing, DC motor assembly with an attached PC Board. Motor numbers on the body the Lot No.: 2470E and what could be a serial number 432201076271. Motor begins to rotate: 1.5 VDC no load. The 3 millimeter diameter shaft is sixteen millimeter long and highly polished. The motor appears to be very good quality. The tachometer winding provides RPM information to allow very precise rotational control and it would make a classy but simple precision, low distortion sine-wave generator. First come first serve. Only one available.
Motor DC Tachometer Assembly PC Board Ball Bearing Precision Sony MNF-3700A [9 KB]


Sony MNF-3700A DC motor assembly
Motor begins to rotate: 1.5 VDC no load
Motor current: 20-50 mAmp approx. no load
Motor resistance: 15 Ohms - red - blu
Motor resistance: 800 Ohms - PC terminals
Motor has an attached PC board w connector
Magnetically shielded Ball bearings
Size: 28 Dia, 70 L [mm] (with pulley)
Shaft Size: 3 dia, 16 L [mm]
Weight: 155 Grams


Unused Price: $60 One available
S/H included within continental US
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