Motor DC YG-F1 PM Magnetic Disc Driver Integrated Multi-Phase PCB Assembly

This is a precisely made, muliphase, Permanent Magnet (PM), magnetic media disc driver DC motor. The motor is mounted on Printed Circuit Card [PCB] and that is attached to a metal plate. Motor driver IC is the Hitachi HA13440 multiphase driver chip. It has six wires with an eight pin, keyed connector, runs super quiet, and with very low power. This motor assembly is a handy replacement part or excellent for data rescue and recovery operations when the original drive motor is no longer functional. It also a useful parts source, makes a nice science or show-and-tell project. First come first serve. Only one available.
YG-F1 Motor PM DC Magnetic Disc Driver Integrated Multi-Phase PCB Assembly Front [6 KB]

YG-F1 Motor PM DC Magnetic Disc Driver Integrated Multi-Phase PCB Assembly Back [14 KB]


YG-F1 - DC Motor
Integrated PC board motor
Additional PCB Number: 7716EC
Hitachi HA13440 multiphase driver chip
Six wire connection
8 Pin connector terminals
Motor is mounted on metal plate
Attached 25 Dia brass disc
Size rotor: 67 Dia, 13 H [mm] - with shaft
Size overall: 78.5 W, 91.5 L, 13 H [mm] - with shaft
Shaft size: 4 mm Dia, 13 L [mm]
Weight: 150 Grams - assembly


Used, excellent working condition
Price: $15 - Only one available
S/H included within continental US
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