Motor Universal Mouline 115 VAC-DC Open Frame Sleeve Bearing Small Appliance

This is a powerful, universal 115 Volt AC-DC open frame, small appliance (mixer) motor with sleeve bearings. No identifying numbers are found anywhere on this nicely built unit. Can be used as original replacement part for many small appliances. This motor is designed with the utmost user flexibility. Both stator windings are individually terminated and accessible. Because of that, it is very simple to connect and operate this motor as a series or parallel configuration. This motor happily operates from the 115 VAC (nominal) line voltage. It has a lot of fine gage copper magnet wire which can be removed rather easily, to be used for other work or experiments. First come first serve. Only one available.
Motor Universal Open Frame Sleeve Bearing Mouline Small Appliance 115 VAC-DC [11 KB]


Mouline 115 VAC-DC Universal Motor
Voltage: 110 Volt AC/DC
Stator resistance: 12.5 Ohms - each
Rotor resistance: 30 Ohms - approx.
Integral cooling fan
Sleeve bearings
Made in France quality
Size: 51 W, 51 H, 110 L [mm] with shaft
Shaft size: 6 Dia, 15 L [mm] Worm gear
Weight: 290 Grams


Used, excellent working condition
Price: $35 - Only one available
S/H included within continental US
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