Solenoid Power Hammer Shielded Universal Closed Printer Replacement Assy Connector

This is an exceptionally nicely made, powerful, solenoid used as a power hammer in a small precision printer assembly. It is sealed, shielded replacement assembly with a two wire terminated in a two pin connector. Internal coil resistance is around 16 Ohms, measure with DC. The solenoid pulls in completely with 3.5 Volt DC or more, and it uses 0.3 Amp when 5.0 Volt is applied across its terminals. The only identifying numbers are the number 836. This solenoid has a three millimeter stroke, a four millimeter diameter shaft, a brass hammer head with hard rubber like surface. This solenoid is usually operated with DC (Direct Current) but it also works with AC (Alternating Current). This solenoid is handy for making electricly operated locks and many other projects, work, science projects or experiments. First come first serve. Only one available.
Solenoid Power Hammer Shielded Universal Closed Printer Replacement Assy Connector [7 KB]


• Shielded Solenoid Printhead Driver
• Shaft size: 4 Dia, 3 Stroke [mm]
• Voltage: 6-12 Volt AC/DC
• Pull-in Voltage: 3.5 Volt DC
• Coil Resistance: 16 Ohms - DC
• Power: 0.3 Amp @ 5 Volt DC
• Two pin Connector• Attached brass endpiece
• Magnetic and Static Shielding
• Size: 22 Dia, 48 Long [mm] assembly
• Weight: 68 Grams


• Used • Price: $20 • One available
• S/H included within continental US
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