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Floppies HD DD Tapes Cassettes Data Cartridges Magnetic Media PC Accessories
Magnetic Media Floppy Disc Cassette Data Cartridge PC Accessories Card Readers
Data Cassette 6 MM PC Storage Media Computer Professional Magnetic Recording
Tape Cassette 8MM Sony MP120 Video 8 Metal Particle Recorder Camcorder
Tape Cassette Hi8 Sony P6-120HMX 8MM Video Metal Particle Professional
LAN Cable Molded Category 5E RJ45 Snagless Ethernet Token Ring 14 Foot 4.3 Meter
Line Cord Modular Power 6 Foot Shielded Molded HP Style Assorted Length Type
USB 2.0 Computer Cable A B Male Plug 480 Mbps 6 Foot 1.8 Meter Shielded Molded
Tape Cassette P6-120HMX 8MM Sony Hi8 Professional Metal Particle Video Recorder
CD Caddy Optical Media Holder for Precision Recorders
Floppy Disk 3.5 inch 1.44 MB High Density HD Highland Magnetic Recording Media
Floppy Disk 3.5 inch 1.44 MB High Density HD Maxell Magnetic Recording Media
Floppy Disc 3.5 inch 1.44 MB HD DD High & Double Density Magnetic Recording Media
Floppy Disc 3.5 inch 1.44 MB 100 HD DD Magnetic Recording Media Container
Optical Recording Cartridge Worm Drive High Density Glass Storage Archive
Memory Stick Card Reader Writer Digital Camera PC MAC Compatible CD Driver
Tape Cartridge QIC DC 2120 Extra 6MM 400 MB Digital Data Backup Verbatim Recorder
Tape Cartridge QIC DC 2120 6MM 120 MB Digital Data Backup Verbatim Recorder
Smart Media Reader Writer Digital Camera PC MAC CD Compatible Driver
Manual Data Switch (ABCD) Assembly P17015 Parallel or Serial PC Accessories
USB to PS/2 Device Adapter For MAC or PC

Personal Computers PC Mother Board ISA PCI SCSI TV Other Cards Drives Add-ons
Extender Novar 22 Pin per Side 0.156 Inch Spacing Printed Circuit PC Board
Extender 36 Pin per Side 0.1 Inch Spacing Printed Circuit PC Board
Compaq Contura Aero 4/33C Laptop Portable Computer Notebook Intel Processor
T-104 Multivibrator Computer Germanium Transistor Circuit Technical Collectible

IBM PC Mother Board TV Modem Audio ISA Relay Interface Computer Cards
Motherboard Intel AL440LX ATX with Intel Chipset 82443LX and 82371LX
Motherboard TEAN TN1 94V-0 UMC Chipset ISA PCI Award 486DX ISA BIOS
ISA Modem Phoebe Fax Data 56K V.90 V.34 Voice Speakerphone
ISA Modem 56K 3COM US Robotics Sportster Model 5687 Fax Data
Computer Powerline Filter Board for Spare or for Parts Source
Modem External AT&T 1A01 Model 4000 Deluxe Enclosure Project Case RJ-11
Modem External 14,400 bps Pocket Megahertz P2144 Portable 9 Volt
Modem External 9,600 bps Pocket Megahertz P296FM Portable 9 Volt
Interface Card Proteon p1392 Plus ISA Token-Ring Network (NIC)
TV Tuner ISA Card Philips - FCC ID:FODTVPNRP
Power Supply Board Astec 110/240 VAC +5 VDC 12 VDC Multiple Voltage Switching
Pwr Supply Yokogawa MCS M27A PS003C-0101 HP P/N C3803-60116 Switching
Laptoop Personal Computer HP Pavilion ZE1210 Notebook Athlon XP 1400 Processor

Drives Floppy HD DD 3.5 5.25 In Digital Tape 8MM PC Data Storage Mobil Rack
Mobile Rack Removable Frame 3.5 2.5 inch HDD DMA100 Data Security
Digital Tape Drive Exabyte EXB-8200 8 MM SCSI Interface
RH-007 Mobile Rack Removable Frame 3.5 in HDD HD IDE ATA 66 100 133
RH-17 Mobile Rack Removable Frame 3.5 2.5 in HDD IDE Data Security

Personal Computers PCMCIA PC Card CardBus Modems Network FireWire Add-ons
FAX Modem 56K Intel V.90 Chipset PC Card PCMCIA RJ-11 Cable Driver
FAX Modem 14.4 KBps AT&T KeepInTouch PCMCIA V.32 V.42 16550 UART
Modem IBM 707 Home and Away 144 PCMCIA Internet Adapter
Modem Hayes Optima 144 Data Fax PC Card Adapter PCMCIA
IEEE 1394 FireWire 400 Mbps Computer Interface PC Card CardBus PCMCIA
3COM Megahertz 56K WinModem 3CXM356 PC Card PCMCIA XJACK Connector

PCI Cards 1394 FireWire Video Modem Audio Sound Personal Computer PC Board
Number Nine Imagine PCI 128 Bit Graphics Accelerator VRAM VESA Video PC Card
Number Nine 9FX Motion 771 PCI High Performance VRAM VESA VGA Video PC Card
1394 Firewire PCI Internal PC Card Kit Cable Video Editor Host Adapter
Best Data Model 56HP-92 56K V.92 V.44 Windows Internal PCI Modem 16 K RAM
Netgear Model FA311 10/100 Mbps PCI Ethernet Network Card Internal Windows Linux

Personal Computer PC Peripherals Printers Scanners Network Accesory Items
Xerox Daisy Wheel Letter Quality Typewriter Replacement Type Head Elements
HP DeskJet 3743 Printer Small Size USB Connect Lower Price Ink Cartridges
HP JETDirect EX Network Printer Controller Interface Module with Power Supply
Ink Jet Cartridge Refill Kit Black Quick Fill Trisonic TS-INK100B Needle 14 Gage 3 Inch
Ink Jet Cartridge Refill Kit Cyan Quick Fill Trisonic TS-INK100C Needle 14 Gage 3 Inch
Ink Jet Cartridge Refill Kit Magenta Quick Fill Trisonic TS-INK100M Needle 14 Gage 3 Inch
Ink Jet Cartridge Refill Kit Yellow Quick Fill Trisonic TS-INK100Y Needle 14 Gage 3 Inch
CanoScan D1250U2F USB 2.0 Color Image Film Scanner Canon 1200x2400 DPI 48-Bit
CanoScan Parallel Flatbed Color Scanner Canon FB 620P 600 DPI LED Optical CIS
UMAX Astra 1200S Scanner Optical 1200 DPI SCSI PCI ISA Card Legal Size Reference
UMAX Astra 1200S SCSI Legal Size Flatbed Scanner Parts Personal Computer PC
UMAX Astra 1200S Connecting Cable for Optical Scanner 1200 DPI SCSI PCI ISA Card
UMAX Astra 1200S Glass Optical for Scanner 1200 DPI SCSI Legal Size Fast
UMAX Astra 1200S Optical Scan Head Assembly Complete for Scanner 1200 DPI SCSI
UMAX Astra 1200S H750 Processor Board Assembly Complete for Scanner SCSI
UMAX Astra 1200S Touch SP9606 Switching Power Supply Assembly for Scanner SCSI
UMAX Astra 1200S UDS-IS11 SCSI Port PC/ISA P/N: 970160-09 Interface Card for Scanner
IBM Selectric Type Precision Typewriter Head Replacement Elements

Personal Computer Hardware Items - Surplus Memories, CPUs, BIOS, ICs
AMI MARK II AT 386 4 Chip Replacement BIOS Set
Pentium Class Replacement CPU with Heavy Duty Aluminum Heat Sink
72 Pin IBM Double Sided DIMM DRAM Memory
140 Pin Kingston KTM-760ELD/16 1880-001.A00 CE DIMM Memory
168 Pin Kingston 021797I012 00 90000-20377-076 DIMM Memory
72 Pin Kingston KTC3014/32-CE 1582-060.A00 K2 SIMM Memory
72 Pin LITE ON SIMM Memory - Old PC Replacement Part
60 Pin OKI Replacement SIMM Memory MSC2304-15YS9A 7Z3123152
Intel Pentium II Slot I 400/512/100 CPU with attached Heat Sink
Pentium Overdrive Replacement CPU with Sanyo Denki Fan and Heat Sink
30 Pin NEC SIMM Memory - PC Replacement Part 421000A9B-70
30 Pin TI SIMM Memory - Older PC Replacement Part ZA1593
72 Pin CUBIG DIMM Memory NEC UK 424400-70 Chips

RCA COSMAC Surplus Boards Parts Literature Application Notes Manuals
RCA COSMAC CDP18S020 Evaluation Kit
RCA CMOS CDP18S510 COSMAC Parallel Interface I/O Board Development System
RCA CMSB ADL CSI PC Printed Circuit Board COSMAC CMOS Development System
CSI-1 UART PC Printed Circuit Board COSMAC CMOS RCA Development System

TRS-80 Model III 4 Hardware Software Programs TRS-DOS Manuals Vintage Computer
TRS-80 CTR-41 Cassette Tape Recorder Digital Original Radio Shock Vintage PC Computer

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