Motors Electric Induction AC Alternating Current Synchronous Asychronous Replacement PG2

The available OddMix AC, (Alternating Current) special, electric motors collection is shown below. These items are new or used as indicated. There is a large number of additional components which are presently available. Use the OddMix Search tool to locate items of interset. E-mail your special requirements.

 BM-4021 SK 120 VAC 60 Hz Motor AC Shaded Pole Bronze Bearing Continous Duty Fan  Mitsumi TIBU-1 Hz Induction Motor AC 120 VAC 60 15 Min Timer Power Switch Bell
 Higashifuji MT8-3 Synchronous Motor AC 120 VAC 60 Hz 3 RPM Microwave Tray  Pascorp Sam Bu SM29015-120V Motor AC Z.P. 120 VAC 60 Hz Microwave Oven Stirrer
 Barber Colman 707 Motor AC Shaded Pole 120 VAC Fan Bronze Bearing Continous Duty  Matshushita MH15MB-RJA6 Fan Motor AC 120 VAC 60 Hz Z.P. Microwave Oven Stirrer Cooling
 Nakagawa GM-7B-120F Synchronous Motor AC 120VAC 60Hz 6 RPM 2 Watt  JVC M-828D Motor AC 120V Synchronous Induction Audio Equipment Replacement
 Rotating Comps 400Hz CBC-K15-16 Motor AC Induction Integrated Fan Military  Sankyo Seiki MCYK30AA13 Motor AC 120VAC Synchronous Electric 30.6 RPM Microwave
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First come first served, as supply is extremely limited
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