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The available OddMix Electric Motors PM [Permanent Magnet], Stepper, Universal, DC-DC Converters are shown below. These items are new or used as indicated. There is a large number of additional components which are presently available. Use the OddMix Search tool to locate items of interest. E-mail your special requirements.

 Motor DC 20712-B 13.2V PM Shielded PM Permanent Magnet Bronze Bearings  Mabuchi EG-510ED-6F 6VDC (2400) CW Motor DC PM Precision Brass Pulley
 Matshushita M1049GE Motor DC PM Miniature Permanent Magnet Bronze Bearings  Mitsumi 59C41395P01 Motor DC Precision Shielded with Pulley Bronze Bearings
 Regulator Motor Miniature DC PM Special Bronze Bearings Integral Speed Switch  Sanko 9V.M9I9OU26-1CW Motor DC Pulley Bronze Bearings Shock Mount Assembly
 Motor DC Permanent Magnet PM Tachometer Precision Sleeve Bearings  71287 Motor DC PM Shielded Permanent Magnet Precision Bronze Bearings
 Pioneer CXM-026-A Motor DC Shielded Precision Bronze Bearings  Mitsumi K5 Motor DC Volume Control PM Perma Magnet Bronze Bearings Worm Gear
 Mabuchi RE-26 Motor DC PM Dual Shaft CW Rotating Model Race Car Boat Driver  Mabuchi RF-280R Motor PM DC Pulley VHS Cassette Loader PC Board Connector
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