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Li-ion Ni-Cd Ni-Mh Rechargeable Primary Secondary Cells Standard Batteries
LG LGIP-470B Li-ion Cell Phone Battery Logitech Rechargeable
Samsung SGH-t609 Li-ion Cell Phone Battery Rechargeable
AG1/364 AG3/392 AG4/377 AG5/393 AG12/386 AG13/357 CR2032 Battery Assortment
Eveready NCC1000 Ni-Cd 1.25 Volt 10.0 AH Ni-Cad Rechargeable Sealed Cell
Eveready 5 Hour Charger Model FCC2 for AA AAA Ni-Cd Ni-Mh Cells
Eveready CH35BP-2 1.20 Volt C Size Ni-Cd Rechargeable Sealed Cells
GE Model GC3 Ni-Cd 1.25 Volt Size D Sealed Cell Ni-Cd Rechargeable
Rayovac Cordless CO101P2 3.6 Volt 700 mAh Phone Battery Ni-Cd Rechargeable
Rayovac CO101P2 Ni-Cd 3.6 Volt Battery Cross References Cordless Phone Replacements
Varta 5099 TR 7/8 IEC6F99 9 Volt 100 mA Ni-Cd Battery Rechargeable
AA UM3 R6 1.20 Volt PowerHuB Ni-MH Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable
Duracell CEF14N Fast Battery Charger NiMH Ni-Cd AA AAA
CO101P2 3.6 Volt 1300 mAh Ni-MH Rayovac Phone Battery Ultra Cordless Rechargeable
CO101P2 Ni-MH 3.6 Volt Rayovac Ultra Battery Cross References Cordless Phone Replacements

Capacitors Ceramic Electrolytic Paper Mica Mylar Tantalum Hermetic Mil
Capacitor Above 2,000 Volt High Voltage Condenser
Capacitors 1,000 uF 50 VDC Tantalum Solid Electrolytic High Energy Military Grade GE
Capacitor 3 uF 2 kVDC High Energy Military Grade Hermetic Package
Capacitor 4 uF 1 kVDC Transmitting Aerovox High Energy Military Grade
Capacitor 6 uF 600 VDC Transmitting Cornell Dubilier High Energy Military Grade
Capacitor 8 uF 1,000 VDC Condenser Transmitting Aerovox Military Grade
Capacitor 8 uF 600 VDC Condenser Transmitting Cornell-Dubilier Military Grade
Ceramic Disc Capacitors Assorted NPO Filter High Low Voltage General Purpose
Capacitors Electrolytic Aluminum Assorted Small Size
Capacitor 0.7 uF 2,300 VAC High Voltage Condenser Hermetic
Tantalum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors Assorted Mixed Values Voltage Size Packages

Stereo Amplifiers Audio Cassette Recorders CD LP Record MP3 Players Sound Field
Stereo Amps Audio Cassette Recorders CD LP Record MP3 Players Sound Field P2
Akai Model HX-1C Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Cassette Recorder Player Dolby B-C NR
Victor JVC TD-W317 High Fidelity Double Audio Cassette Deck with DDR Processor
Kenwood Model KD-26RC Professional Belt Drive Record Player Aluminum Platter
RadioShack 3 in 1 Easy Remote Cat 15-1916A Wireless Infrared Remote Controller
Realistic SCT-11 Stereo High Fidelity Audio Cassette Recorder Player
Panasonic OmniVision Model PV-4101 VHS Video Cassette Recorder IR Remote Control
Audio Headphones HP-300 Maxell Deluxe Stereo 32 Ohms 20-20,000 Hz

Stereo Amps Audio Cassette Recorders CD LP Record MP3 Players Sound Field P2
EICO HF-61 Pre-Amp Amplifier AF Audio Tubes TV Tape Tuner Guitar RIAA EUR78 Filter
RF Amplifier Wide Band 50-450 MHz 10 DB Digital TV VHF CATV FM Distribution
Digital TV Amplifier 13dB Channel Master Model 3042 UHF VHF FM 50-900 MHz 75 Ohm

Personal Player Audio Cassette Recorder CD MP3 Stereo Memory Electronics
Casio Model AS-201R AM/FM Stereo Radio Cassette Player Portable Personal
Classic Personal CD Player Model CL160 Slim Compact Disc Portable LCD Display
D-Link DMP-110 MP3 USB Voice Music Player Voice Recorder Stereo 32MB LCD Display

AM/FM Stereo Radios Amplifiers Gen Coverage Shortwave Receivers Accessories
Gold Star GA-2000 AM-FM Integrated Circuit IC FM-Stereo 8 Track Vintage Receiver
Lafayette LR-75 25 Watts/Channel AM/FM FM-Multiplex Stereo Solid-State Receiver
Vintage Olympic Model 410 AM Radio Receiver Auto Load Turntable Phonograph
Sanyo JT440 AM/FM FM-Multiplex Stereo Solid-State PLL Synthesizer Tuner
Sears Solid State AM/FM Stereo Radio Receiver Amplifier System with Record Player

OddMix Surplus Electronic Parts Batteries Lamps Switches Transistors
Surplus Electronic Parts Batteries Lamps Motors Switches Transistors OddMix Page 2
Project Case Dustproof DLT Tape Container Clear Plastics Surplus Battery Parts Box
Projector Lamps GE CZA-CZB 120 Volt 500W High Power for GAF680 Sawyer's
Transformers Assorted IF and RF Rectangular Metal Shielded
Projector Lamp GE 400T12/2P 65 Volt 400W High Power Bayonet Base
Inductor Assembly Adjustable Audio Frequency Electric Organ Replacement Part
Honeywell V3-1 SPST NO NC Micro Switch Screw Terminal 120-240 VAC 15A 1/2 HP
Motorola Piezo Electric High Frequency Hi-Fi Power Horn Sound Transducers
Resistors 0.25 Watt Metal Film Carbon Composition Assorted Values Types Packages
Comar Electric Relay 0-3905 Metal and Glass Hermetic Package US Military Surplus
Raytheon U-8198 Pulse Transformer Shielded Assembly US Navy Military Surplus

Transformers Power High Voltage Line Pulse OddMix
Transformer Audio Amplifier Tube Type Shielded HV High Voltage 60Hz Power
Transformer Microwave Power DHN-N860A OBJY2 6010W2H059A 60Hz HV High Voltage 2 kV
Transformer Microwave Power KER 001 C2B70980A 60Hz HV High Voltage 2 kV
Pulse Transformer Raytheon U-8198 Shielded Assembly US Navy Military Surplus
Transformer Microwave Power Sanyo H6T-4021 TAH-002S 60Hz HV High Voltage 2 kV

Electronic Test Equipments Meters Oscillators Signal Generator Power Supplies
Electronic Test Equipments Meters Oscillators Signal Gen Power Supplies Page 2
Precision Laboratory Regulated Power Supplies AC DC Converters Page 3
US Military Surplus AN/PSM3 15-750 VAC 50-1000 Cycles AC Meter Large Analog
Production Tester Capacitor Conditioner for Computer Grade Electrolytic Capacitors
Heathkit M-28 Solid State VOM Large Precision Mechanical Analog Meter Movement
Heathkit GD-1150 Ulrasonic Cleaner Large Tank Piezoelectric Driver Timer
Heathkit IB-101 Frequency Counter 15 MHz Digital Crystal Controlled Five Digit Display
Heathkit IM-1202 Solid State Digital Multimeter Ohms Volt Amps AC DC
Hewlett Packard HP-59500A Multiprogrammer Interface
Hewlett Packard HP-6940B Multiprogrammer GP-IO Interface
Macromatic Model SS80522-04 0.005-5 Sec Variable Time Delay
Maxim SP-110 Multitester 2KOhm/VDC AC DC Voltage Current Resistance dB
Electronic DC Voltmeter MCM Model 372-M 1-200 MOhm Input Impedance Mirror Scale
Electronic DC Voltmeter MCM Model 372-M 1-200 MOhm Input Impedance Case
Philips SBS-521 RF Solid State Precision Phase Lock Loop Digital Signal Generator
RCA WV-98C Senior VoltOhmyst Vacuum Tube Volt Meter (VTVM)
Multi-Range LCD Digital Multimeter Sears Model 82417 1kVDC 10A 20 MOhm Memory
GE 115 VAC 50 VA Shielded Transformer Assembly Originally Made for Page 1er Iron
Universal Atomics 50 uAmps FS Precision Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Meter
Radio Shack Model 22-168A 38-Range LCD Digital Multimeter with PC Interface
Hewlett Packard HP200C Wide Range Precision Audio Oscillator Vacuum Tube Type
Tektronix P6058 Solid State Sensor Precision Modular Temperature Probe
RCA WP-25A TV Isotap Magnetically Shielded Isolation Transformer Autotransformer
Electronic Measurements Corporation Model 213 Precision Vacuum Tube Tester
Westinghouse Electric ST 500 VAC FS Three Phase AC Voltmeter Analog Movements

Burroughs Nixie Tube Decade Counter Decoder Driver Assy Multidigit PC Card
Burroughs C-2502-5 Five Digit B5750S Nixie Tube Assembly Decoder Driver 5V TTL Logic
Burroughs C-2503-3 Three Digit B5750S Nixie Tube Counter Kit PCB Decoder Driver
Burroughs C-2506-3B Three Digit Nixie Assy Series Counter Memory Decoder Bezel TTL
Burroughs C-2506-4 Four Digit Nixie Series Counter Memory Decoder Assy TTL logic
Burroughs C-2506-6 Six Digit Nixie Assy Series Counter Memory Decoder TTL logic
DC-DC Converter Nixie Tube Power Supply 12 to 200 VDC Burroughs VC-12-170-1
Panaplex Seven Segment Display Assembly AS-2518-21 Bally Six Digit Driver Circuit

Precision Laboratory Regulated Power Supplies AC DC Converters Transverters
Dual Regulated Precision Power Supply Adjustable 1.5 to 12 VDC 100 mA
High Voltage DC Power Supply Partial Assembly with Vacum Tube 6136 or 6AU6
High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply with 6C4, 6CG7, 6CM4 Vacuum Tubes
DC-DC Converter Nixie Tube Power Supply 12 to 200 VDC Burroughs VC-12-170-1
Lambda LP-410FM 0-10V 2A Precision Lab Power Supply Adjustable Current Limit
Lambda LP-412FM 0-40 V 0-0.7 A Adjustable Precision Laboratory Power Supply
Power Mate SRB12-1.5 Solid State Regulated 12VDC 1.5 A Modular Power Supply
Power Mate RA10-3.0 Solid State Regulated 10 VDC 3 Amp Precision Power Supply
Power Mate UNI-88 Solid State Regulated 0-34 Volt 1.5 Amps Precision Power Supply

Weston Instruments Electronic Test Equipments Collection
Weston Instruments Model 430 DC Volt Meter 150 Volt Full Scale
Weston Instruments Model 432 KiloWatt Meter 6 kW Full Scale
Weston Model 433 Instruments AC Amperes Meter 10 Amps Full Scale
Weston Instruments AC Amperes Meter Model 433 10/20 Amps Full Scale
Weston Instruments 500 Amps 50 milliVolt Current Measuring Shunt Universal AC DC
Weston Instruments Model 622 DC Precision Microammeter Meter 200 uA FS
Weston Instruments Model 3 Standard Cell 51309 1.0194 Volt Absolute Calibration

Military Surplus Army Navy Airforce Items the OddMix World War Collection

Cameras Microscopes Projectors Mirrors Filters Optical Surplus Items
Cameras Film 35MM Polaroid Electronic Movie 16MM Video Optical
Camera Filters Polarizers 43.5MM 52MM Haze Skylight G(X1) CS
Lenses Schneider Telephoto Multiple Slide Projector B&L Optical
Optical Microscopes Mono Stereo Head Mounted B&L Pocket
Optical Mirrors Prisms Gratings Anti-Reflection Coated Glass
Bausch & Lomb 10x WF Wide Field Stereo Microscope Eyepiece
B&L 1140 C.I.B. 65 MM Stereo Dual 3x Lens Prism Assy
Bausch & Lomb 90 Degree Precision Glass Prism Assembly
Bausch and Lomb Fixed Magnification Stereo Microscope
Konica Minolta Dimage X1 Digital 8 MP Camera 12x Zoom Lens
Electronic 16MM Film Video Camera Direct Sound Chinon 20 XL
16MM Film Video Camera Doral Super 118 Electronic Drive
Slide Projector GAF680 Anscomatic Selectray Remote Control
US Army Air Corp N-3B Sight Assembly Fixed Gun Cannon
Hoya 43.5mm G(X1) Optical Photographic Filter Assembly
Hoya 52mm Diameter CS Photographic Filter Assembly
Kyocera Yashica Zoomate 115 Automatic 35MM Film Camera Zoom Lens
Lens Assembly Projector R.C.A. 2 In F1.6 Multi-Element Coated Optics
Lens Assembly Photographic Camera 35MM F3.5 Optics Wollensak Amaton Alphax
Special Lens Assembly in heavy duty all Aluminum Housing
Magnifier 3x Handheld Classic 100MM Optical Glass Philatelic
Pocket Optical Microscope Student 100x 150x 200x 250x 300x 350x Dual Objective
Minolta Autopak 470 Film Camera 16 MM Close-Up Lens Pocket Flash 110 Case
Holiday Meter Magic 16MM Mechanical Film Video Camera
Monolux 100x, 200x, 300x Student Optical Microscope
Olympus 35 RC an Automatic 35MM Film Camera with Zuiko Lens
Polaroid Foldable Automatic Land Camera 420 and Flash 490
Rolev M. G. 52mm Diameter Haze Photographic Filter Assembly
Rolev 52mm Diameter Polarizer Photographic Filter Assembly
Rolev 52mm diameter Skylight Photographic Filter Assembly
GAF Sawyer's Patented Rototray Carousel for Slide Projector
Sony CCD-V701 Hi8 Camcorder F/1.8 10x with RC Time Code
Tamron JH-60R Precision Mirror and Lens Optical Assembly
Slide Tray TDC Selectray Eastman Bell Howell GAF Sawyer's Sears TDC Projectors
Tele-Micro 164 Pocket Telescope Microscope Optical Student Sportsman Scientist
Schneider Optik Kreuznach Variogon Telephoto Objective Lens Assembly
Tominon Large Multilens Assembly, f=230mm, in Heavy Duty Aluminum Housing
Vivitar 35 RC a new inexpensive 35MM Focus Free Film Camera

The OddMix Transistor Radio Collection
The OddMix Transistor Radio Collection Page 2
Transistor Radio DAK MR-101 AM FM Short Wave PLL Synthesized Tuning
Radio Receiver Encore Model 4910 AM-FM Stereo LCD Clock Solid State
Transistor Radio Fashion Bug Pierre Cardin FM Solid State Receiver
Transistor Radio GE T2210A Solid State AM/FM Table-top
Transistor Radio Gran-Prix A-224-S AM-FM Collector's
Transistor Radio Grundig City-Boy AM-FM 100 Collector's
Transistor Radio Juliette APR-220 TOPP 10 Solid State Classic
Transistor Radio M10 AM-FM 9 Collector's Special Receiver
Clock Radio MFR-88 Traveler's 2 Bands AM FM LCD Receiver
Radio Receiver Motofon FM-AM 9 Transistor Collector's Special
Transistor Radio Pansonic All Band Direct Readout FM AM Short Wave
Transistor Radio Power Sing PS-208L FM Solid State Stereo Receiver Flashlight Phones
Radio Receiver Transistor Realistic AM Model 12-167B Solid State Classic
Clock Radio Radio Shack FM/AM Travel Clock LCD Receiver
Transistor Radio Sanyo 10G-831-HU Multiband AM FM SW Solid State
Transistor Radio SDS AM Solid State Classic Receiver
Transistor Radio Sokol-403 Two Band AM and LW (Long Wave) Solid State 7
Transistor Radio Sylvania All-Transistor AM Solid State Classic
Ultornic T524 FM/AM Desktop Radio LCD Calendar Clock Solid State Receiver
Transistor Radio Windsor CR-60 AM/FM Stereo Cassette

Wire Wrap Panel Gold Silver Plated Thousand Plus Machined Connector Pins

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